Friday, August 31, 2012

Pinch Me, With a Side of History!

If you don't know me personally, then you don't know that we had been living in a small house (722 square feet! Yes, really! A family of four!) prior to our move in May.

That house was purchased back in 2005 because we wanted to jump in to the housing market (but who knew it would be the wrong time?). We had planned to live there for a couple of years and then upgrade to something larger in size. We purchased the home when our first daughter was only four months old. A month after moving in, I was pregnant with our second daughter. We had outgrown the home before we moved in. Not quite the perfect living scenario, it was a struggle for all of us, but we knew there would be happier, larger living spaces for us in the years ahead.

A temporary living situation moved to a long term one. After over six years of:

1) having to go outside of the house then inside the garage to get laundry, in the cold, rain, heat - whatever, it was annoying
2) waiting in line to use the bathroom (but some of the younger ones would occasionally have an accident while having to wait their turn) and absolutely no privacy
3) a rat problem in our backyard caused by a neighbor who insisted on feeding birds (crows, even!) and other things and can't forget how the massive amounts of crows would hang out on the telephone wires and then poop on all of the cars
4) neighbors who lived across the street and parked all of their five or six cars on the street, leaving no room for others with just one car to park, and
5) absolutely no space for anything,

we found a place that we are so happy to call home. It took quite a bit of trying (bidding wars - yes, they still exist, at least in California), but I can't say how happy we are about our new home that we've been in for four months was well worth the wait!

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