Monday, October 1, 2012

Wall Letters for the Girls

I am not much of a DIYer or even crafty, but I'm trying to be. I guess it is not that hard, but I am not really a patient person either. We have been trying to figure out some unique ideas for Bea and Olivia's walls, and I came across this lettering idea that sounded simple. It was, but now instead of just one letter (what I originally planned), Olivia wants her whole name - so that's 5 more letters. Let's hope that Bea doesn't want her complete name (8 letters!).

Anyway, total time for this took about an hour, and Olivia even helped me with yarn cutting, holding the letter upright, and cheering me on about how great it looked. See for yourself:

Here is all that I needed for the project:

Yarn: 2 - 3 different types, colors
Craft glue
Large letter (purchased from Michael's for $3.99)
Decorations (the blue flowers I got were $3.99 at Michaels, but there are a lot of options between using flowers, buttons, etc...)
Hot glue gone (optional)

And, here are the steps I took:

1. Figure out how your colors will lay.
2. Cut yarn in estimated length.
3. Add glue (in small segments, add as you go) to the front and back of the letter.
4. Start adding yarn, leaving a two inch piece hanging (trim later).
5. Continue wrapping until you are ready for your next yarn.
6. Repeat steps 2 - 6 until complete.

7. Wait for letter to dry (seems to take a long time, especially when you really want to add the decoration).
8. Trim extra yarn.
9. Add decorations, either with a hot glue gun or stickies attached to decorations that you chose.

Was that easy? I actually thought it was, but doing a ton of letters is a little daunting! If you do letters, send me the link so that I can see how yours turned out.